Center of Excellence

What we do

Helping the food industry to improve the quality of food products and increase the efficiency and reliability of their manufacturing processes, while ensuring food safety. The CoE also serves as a single point service for comprehensive, advanced food product-process modelling combined with laboratory scale tools and semi-industrial scale pilot facilities to generate required data for model development and validation.


Licenses for gPROMS FormulatedProducts™ and the models in the food processing model library can be purchased from PSE. Licenses include support from both PSE and NIZO. A description of available models can be found here. With the appropriate licenses customers can run simulations, model validation, optimisation and global system analysis (GSA) using existing models, customize existing models to match specific needs or develop new models on top of the existing platform.

Process design & scale-up

NIZO's Processing Centre is a perfect environment for process design and up-scaling projects. Up-scaling or process design work is supported by laboratory analyses and model calculations carried out by NIZO and PSE. By integrating analyses and production trial results in available models these results can be extrapolated to industrial scale.

Training and workshops

Introductory one day courses to 3-5 day workshops centred around a customer case.

Model based control

Once industrially validated models are available it is often also lucrative to use these models for process monitoring and in-line control because this makes real time optimization possible with respect to both production costs and product quality. PSE and NIZO can assist customers with implementing and deploying these models for on-line monitoring and in-line control purposes.

Model-based R&D and Engineering decision support

PSE and NIZO combine existing models with customer specific inputs (equipment and/or materials) and provide the results to the customer on project basis. This approach is ideal for customers who want to access models but are (initially) not looking to purchase a license or develop in-house capabilities to use the models.

Custom model development

PSE and NIZO can develop new or customize existing models to match specific customer needs. Subsequently, these models can be calibrated using data provided by the customer or data generated with available laboratory and semi-industrial scale facilities at NIZO. Models can then be published in libraries for other users across the organisation.

Equipment and / or material characterisation

NIZO is equipped with a wide range of advanced analyses tools for physical, chemical, microbial and sensorial properties that can be used for material characterisation. In addition to the analyses tools, NIZO has also designed and developed a range of dedicated high throughput screening (HTS) and micro-scale systems. Using these tools large amounts of relevant data can be gathered in an efficient way. Furthermore, the micro-systems are designed to mimic their large scale equivalents such that model parameters derived from micro-scale data can directly be used for large scale systems.

Trouble shooting & optimisation

PSE and NIZO can use models to identify causes and solve production issues or to optimise production processes. Besides model deployment these projects may also include an evaluation of available product/process data, an on-site inspection and raw material and (intermediate) product analyses by NIZO experts.

The Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Food Product & Process Modelling, comprising PSE and NIZO, provides a single-point service for food characterisation and predictive modelling.